#025: New Planet Trampoline

New Planet Trampoline

New Planet Trampoline (Clockwise from Top): Charles Druesedow, Ben Gmetro, Matt Cassidy, David Molnar

Welcome back Cleveland! Yeah, that’s right, we’re hitting you with the one-two punch of a two-episode week! It’s like we’re making up for lost time or something. But a double-episode week is very appropriate because today’s guests New Planet Trampoline are releasing a brand new epic double-LP titled “Dark Rides and Grim Visions” this weekend March 12th at The Happy Dog West.

So, we’ve been away for a while. Sometimes life just gets in the way, ya know? There were several holidays, birthdays, a lot of road tripping, and not a lot of free time for us to make new shows for you wonderful people. But we love the music scene here in Cleveland and we keep find more and more that we want to share with everyone. On top of that, we kept getting questions about when we’d be making more shows. So thank you to everyone who asked, you really helped push us along and out of our self-imposed winter hiatus. So once again, hit that Susbcribe link in the menu and keep your earballs peeled for some brand new stuff from your friendly neighborhood podcasters.

New Planet Trampoline’s Dark Rides and Grim Visions

Speaking of glorious returns, back to the matter at hand: New Planet Trampoline, who took a hiatus of their own and returned 2 years ago with a now legendary performance of Pink Floyd’s The Piper at the Gates of Dawn in it’s entirety at Pat’s in The Flats. Now, Matt and Charlie freely admit that they have something of an addiction when it comes to Pink Floyd, but they want to be very clear, their music runs much deeper than their biggest influence. We talked at length about their musical journey from kids in high school and early bands, music burnout, the loss of a dear friend, and then again finding the joy in their music. We also got a peek at the history of the Davenport Collective that we’ve heard so much about over the years.

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#024: Live from Brite Winter 2016

Brite Winter 2016

Brinte Winter 2016

Hey Cleveland! It’s been a long time away for us and we’ll go more into that with our next full-length episode. But for today, we’re back for our triumphant return with Episode 24: Live from Brite Winter 2016! It was absolutely beautiful to return to the festival that really helped this podcast feel real for both Drew and I. It helps that the weather was so beautiful too. Once again, we had an absolute blast putting this episode together for you and had a difficult time cutting it down to our favorite parts.

Hands down, one of favorite things this year was something that we couldn’t actually record in audio form: the new location on the West Bank of the Flats. The mild temperatures and clear skies allowed the crowd to come out in force this year. There were tons of venues and tons to see. What we did record for you though is a great overview if you weren’t able to make it down. And check out our Instagram for a few pictures!

Hit the jump for the Official Loud in Cleveland Brite 16 Lineup:

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#023: Cities & Coasts

Nathan Hedges w/ Cities & Coasts

Cities & Coasts

Hello Cleveland! Things have been slow around here, but now that summer is over we can get back to a more regular schedule for you guys. After all, it’s gotten colder and playing frisbee is no longer more appealing than making awesome an Cleveland podcast. This week’s episode #023 technically begins our “second season” and so we have a few exciting things planned for Loud in Cleveland in the next couple months. You’re going to need to keep your eyes and ears peeled so hit the Subscribe link in the menu and be sure to check out our social media through the icon bar to the right side of the page. But there are more goings on this season than here at Loud in Cleveland! Case in point: Cleveland band Cities & Coasts is releasing a brand new single this Thanksgiving weekend called “Finer than Gold” and singer/frontman Nathan Hedges stopped by to tell us about it. This week, the band is also featured as Cleveland Scene’s Band of The Week!

Now, Cities & Coasts is a really tight band with summery songs and catchy hooks that, time and again, you find yourself humming hours after you hear them. But there is plenty of music out there that is written with a formula to do just that. The intangible quality that separates the songs that Nathan Hedges writes from the rest of the modern pop landscape was always hard for Drew and I to define. This band is clearly better, but why?

Nathan began with his story about growing up in a musical household, what drove him to first pick up the guitar, and about the death of his older brother which he cites as the impetus for writing and performing his own songs. Nathan also shared his some experiences from old bands that he helmed before Cities & Coasts seemed to explode onto the Cleveland music scene last summer as one of the can’t-miss bands around town. And as we talked, I think we managed to stumble upon what exactly it is that makes Cities & Coasts such a different type of band. Authenticity is a word that is thrown around a lot these days, but the absolute honesty that Nathan conveys with Cities & Coasts creates music that has real substance.

Simply put, using his guitar to play Cities & Coasts songs is as natural and comfortable to Nathan Hedges as breathing is to you or me.

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#022: The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth (L-R): Patrick Burke, Andrew Kuhar, Nick Kuhar

Hey everybody! Thanks for bearing with us through our technical difficulties this morning. Such is the nature of the internet: sometimes it just doesn’t work. But now it does which means that today, we can bring you our conversation with Andrew and Nick Kuhar of The Commonwealth.

First of all, we want to thank everyone out there for making our first year of casting pods wonderful. Vince and Eric at Scene, thanks for noticing us and giving us a bigger voice. Pressure Life, thanks for that great review. Thanks to our friends, family, and all our listeners that make putting this out rewarding and fun. And most of all, thanks to all the bands and musicians that have been willing to go somewhere and let two weirdos ask them deeply personal questions. Without you, this wouldn’t exist. So, here’s to another great year of doing amazing things!

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#021: Beach Stav

beach stav

Beach Stav: Mike and Jon Conley

Hello again everyone! We’ve had quite a bit on our plate these last few weeks, so rest assured we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ll talk more about that in today’s intro. Let’s just say that hopefully very soon you’ll have a few more chances to take in more Loud in Cleveland and I’ll have more chances to punch Drew every time he says the word “genesis.” Let’s get down to casting those pods!

Today’s episode is our conversation with Jon Conley of Beach Stav. Beach Stav, a project of brothers Jon and Mike Conley with a rotating cast of supporting players, is a name that you see on fliers all the time but a group that is still shrouded in a bit of mystery. We contacted Jon a few weeks ago to stop by and sit on the couch and make an effort to start unraveling a bit of that for ourselves. Wait… that makes it sound a bit like therapy, doesn’t it? I assure you the couch is just a living room couch.

All catharsis aside, we talked about Jon’s evolution from a “shithead kid” musician (his words) to his current gig as front man of one of the more respected bands on Cleveland’s west side. Jon’s just a bit farther along in life than we are and he explained how a band changes when its members start developing responsibilities to families and jobs that didn’t exist when the band started. The other half of The Brothers Conley is Mike, Jon’s younger brother who provides the musical insight to make Beach Stav’s songs more than your average psychedelic garage pop. Hear more about how Beach Stav has been making music in today’s episode, #021: Beach Stav!

Beach Stav is playing this weekend, Saturday 9/19 at Mahall’s 20 Lanes, as part of Jon Conley’s Birthday Survival Bash. If that sounds epic, it’s because it definitely is. On the bill is Beach Stav, Sam Fox, John’s Little Sister, plus records spun by DJ Andrew Kirschner. It’s $7 at the door for a kiler night at 13200 Madison Ave in Lakewood. Make sure you’re there.

In the meantime, be sure to get more Beach Stav through their Bandcamp page and their Facebook.

#020: ITEM


ITEM (Photo by John Kovach)

Hello again, music fans! Today, with the help of the Cleveland Scene, we are presenting our TWENTIETH EPISODE!! DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!!

Yeah, there’s a lot of fanfare and excitement, but 20 episodes feels like a big milestone. Every time we release an episode, we are thrilled and amazed to see that you guys actually download it and listen to us have conversations with some of the most interesting musicians the great city of Cleveland has to offer. Thank you. Also thank you to everyone who wished Drew a happy 30th birthday. We had quite the birthday party for him this past weekend full of good drinks and best friends. This weekend he’s off to New York to take in Phish’s Magnaball Festival. He’s aaaalmost made me want to go with him.

Today’s guests are Dylan and Jacob, two members of ITEM, a band that’s been garnering considerable notice over the course of this year. The quintet stirs together powerful blend of post-rock, pop, and progressive sounds into something that almost dares you to describe it. During their stay on the show, Dylan and Jacob mused over the idea and discussed the ways they, themselves, try to explain ITEM to different people. Drew and I picked their brains to try and find the source of what these guys pump out on stage and how they structure their writing process. We found a few answers to our to question and in the process learned a bit about what drives Dylan and Jacob, particularly the “slow, boring, sad music” that Dylan prefers. During their stay we also got the story behind the upcoming album that these five, incredibly talented guys are putting together with some assistance from the ever-present Jim Stewart, plus got some news on a possible release date. We even managed to pry an exclusive preview track out of them that you can hear right before our conversation kicks-off.

ITEM is playing this Saturday, August 22nd at Mahall’s 20 Lanes, 13200 Madison Ave in Lakewood, along with Gap Dream and Beach Stav as part of Mahall’s Summer Series concerts.

To hear more from ITEM, check out their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

#019: Ageless Males

Ageless Males

Ageless Males (L-R): Zack Drdek, Adam Katon, Dan LaGuardia, Kyle Singleton

Welcome back again, local music fans! Today on episode number 19 we have Kyle Singleton and Adam Katon from the band Ageless Males. Now if you didn’t listen to our coverage of Brite Winter this past February, you’d be forgiven for thinking that were going in-depth with the makers of “male enhancement” pills. In actuality, the guys in Ageless Males are riding one of the quickest rising stars in the local Cleveland music scene.

Kyle Singleton, who plays guitar and sings, and Adam Katon, the drummer for Ageless Males, came by our super-secret base of operations and world conquest. They came with a case of beer, too, which instantly makes them one of the best guests we’ve ever had on Loud in Cleveland. So, future guests take note. As soon as we hit record on our equipment, we knew this was going to be a good episode. The laughs and jokes started immediately and barely let up for the entirety of our interview. One of our topics was, of course, the name of the band and how it was chosen. We also talked about how they’ve crafted a very unique voice for themselves in what is becoming an increasingly harder place to be noticed. One of the most unique things we discovered about Ageless Males is that, unlike most of our guests, they wrote and recorded their album “A.M.” before they ever took the songs to the stage of a Cleveland club.

If you’re checking us out the day this is posted, July 30th, you can hear Ageless Males on Live from Cleveland on WRUW FM 91.1 tonight at 10 P.M. with our good friend Rachel Hunt. You can either tune in your radio or listen live over the internets!

Then, on August 8th (8-8 yo), Ageless Males will be performing as part of the 5th night of the Cellar Door Rendezvous at the Beachland Ballroom & Tavern along with Obnox, Nights, Teddy Boys, The Commonwealth, So Long Albatross, Jivviden, By Light We Loom, and Sammy Slims. Make sure you’re there!

#018: Dan Miraldi

dan miraldi

Dan Miraldi

Hey everyone! We’re back straight from the “palatial” podcast penthouse with another great episode presented by Cleveland Scene Magazine. Today’s guest is our old friend Dan Miraldi. While he was in town this last week from New York City, he made some time to check in and talk about his new record “Chaos, Destruction, and Dancing.”

Both Drew and I are pretty excited about this record. Separately, each song sounds very different. But Dan Miraldi has an uncanny talent to put different sounds together to create something that is an unmistakable representation of himself as a rock and roll songwriter and musician. Dan shared a great analogy to a “braid” that weaves in elements of his influences and becomes his own sound. We also pent some time diving through Dan’s history and his own personal journey through music, like first demos, early bands, and learning how to put together a tour, plus his roots as a folk singer. Also, even though this is a Cleveland podcast, we did spend some time talking about what life is like in New York, his adventures in music there, and how it’s changed his songwriting.

Even though Dan Miraldi is based in NYC now, this album was recorded here in Cleveland. It’s fitting then that the first release show is going to be August 14th at Mahall’s 20 Lanes. If you’re a New York fan of Dan Miraldi, you can catch him there for a second release show at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village on August 29th.

If you haven’t gotten to know Dan Miraldi before, now is the time to do it.

#017: Live from Larchmere PorchFest 2015

Larchmere Porchfest

Larchmere PorchFest 2015

Back in quick succession, we’re bringing you a very special episode #17: Live from Larchmere PorchFest 2015! Drew and I took off from Ohio City early this past Saturday afternoon and drove over to the Larchmere neighborhood near Shaker Square on Cleveland’s East Side. We had a blast walking around (especially when there isn’t so much snow), seeing all the bands throughout the neighborhood, and getting some excellent food and drink. Like always, we encourage everyone to go see as much local Cleveland music as possible, but if you didn’t make it this year, we hope you can get a bit of a taste in today’s show.

If you don’t know, for the last seven years, the Larchmere neighborhood, nestled between Shaker Boulevard and Fairhill Road, has hosted the Larchmere PorchFest. Residents offer up their front porches as stages for local musical acts to perform on and entertain the crowds. Every year it grows and in 2015 it featured 30 bands on 30 stages over 9 hours. The sense of community is really amazing and we kept hearing stories of people who moved to Larchmere specifically because of PorchFest. It’s not something that should be missed.

We also got to talk to Mike Kinsella and Josh Gerken about a little bit of the history of the Larchmere neighborhood and PorchFest and what goes into the planning and execution of such a massive festival.

While we weren’t able to see every band, we think we got some of the highlites. Hit the jump for the rundown on our lineup:

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#016: Joshua Jesty

Joshua Jesty

Joshua Jesty

Hey Cleveland, we’re back! We know, it’s been over a month since we put up our last episode. But we’ve been busy on putting a few things together, including recording and editing this monster episode. Plus there were a few basketball games we wanted to watch. Doesn’t the NBA know we have a show to produce?!

This Saturday, June 20th 2015, Drew and I will be at Larchmere PorchFest watching some great music. Since you folks have such great taste in music, we think you’ll really enjoy it. It’s 30 bands on 30 porches and music from 1 until 10PM. So come on down and say hi. We’ll be the guys walking around with a microphone on a stick.

On today’s episode #016 is the amazing Joshua Jesty and this week you can’t escape him. If you don’t know Joshua, you’re either new or you haven’t been paying attention. The man is simply everywhere. For the last 15 years he has put his stamp on the Northeast Ohio Music scene a blend of catchy pop hooks and a wry sense of humor. Next week, June 26th at Mahall’s in Lakewood, Joshua Jesty releases the latest installment of his 4 EP “Like Rabbits” series, titled “It’s Your Fault Everything’s Alright”. He stopped by to talk to us about it and about the project as a whole.

Over the two and a half hours we talked, we got into everything about his life. I mean it, people. We got deep. Josh opened up to us about barely missed chances at stardom, horrible ex’s, the loss of a parent, and the breakup of a band that felt like a family. With everything he’s experienced in his life, Joshua Jesty is a man I’d expect to be bitter, but he couldn’t be farther from it. Instead he keeps a smirk on his face and his eyes looking ahead. He’s definitely a guy I’m happy to know. Come out to his show next weekend and be prepared to laugh.

Joshua Jesty releases his latest EP with special guests Jason Patrick Meyers and The Quickening, June 26th at Mahall’s, 13200 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107. Doors are at 8PM.

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